Wooden Geometric Solids 3-D Shapes Set

Wooden Geometric Solids 3-D Shapes Set

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Introduce children to the world of geometry with these solid wooden shapes. Children can explore shape, size, pattern, volume and measurement in a very hands-on way. Made from natural wood and includes a storage bag. 

Product Details:

  • Material: Wood
  • Includes 10 shapes per set
  • Sizes:
    Square: 3CM x 3CM * 3CM 
    Rectangle: 3CM * 3CM * 6CM
    Triangular prism: 3CM * 3CM * 6CM 
    Cylinders: 3CM * 3CM * 6CM 
    Triangular pyramid: 3CM * 3CM * 6CM 
    Four pyramid: 2.8CM * 2.8CM * 6CM 
    Cone: 3CM * 3CM * 5.7CM 
    Ovoid: 3CM * 3CM * 5.7CM 
    Ellipsoid: 3CM * 3CM * 5.7CM 
    Sphere: 3CM 


  • Choking hazard. Adult supervision is recommended while product is in use.