About Us


Wild Roots Toy Shop is curated with care by the educators at Wild Roots Holistic Learning Center, a Montessori preschool and holistic day care in Temecula, CA.
Our store exists to delight, engage and stimulate the minds of young children and babies through beautiful toys, crafts and other imagination "tools." We offer simple treasures for your home or school that will invite play, memorable experiences, and imagination! We believe that children should spend more time creating art and playing with simple yet beautiful toys, rather than being overstimulated by screen time or uninspiring toys.
We carry items such as infant teething toys, musical instruments for babies and kids, wooden toys, classic toys for boys and girls, dolls, Waldorf inspired toys and Montessori inspired educational toys.
Each purchase from the shop will benefit the children of our preschool, so thank you for your contribution!